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Happy 1st Birthday CocoLoco

October 29, 2016, 5:00pm - October 30, 2016, 9:00am

Coco Loco

Join us celebrating one year of fine food and quirky music in a chilled out environment...

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Rizza, Jemboy and regular Steve enjoying themselves at Coco Loco ...

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If you like our vegetarian and vegan food options then why not tell the Vegetarian Society... #moreonthemenu www.vegsoc.org/moreonthemenu?erid=2433913&trid=a36f4746-2eef-49a5-a6f6-c13df42e0724 ...

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Coco Loco is open again after some refitting and now open late til 10pm on Friday & Saturday. New veggie burger recipes in development and a new juicy 125g beefburger on the menu. All the usual organic and local treats available :) ...

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CocoLoco is reopening this week..in a few days..everything nice and shiny..repainted and some small menu improvements..we are making our own beefburgers now and adding new veggie burgers soon. ...

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The Latest News

  • Shhh… don’t tell everyone

    The caribou is good, our home made seaweed ice cream is delicious, the burgers are our best seller but you want to know a secret…?
    The ribs are amazing..ribs

  • Carabao Meat is Healthy

    “Carabao meat contains less calories, less fat and cholesterol than most meats, including poultry. They are good for dieters and athletes.

    Compared to cow’s meat, carabao meat contains 12 percent less fat, 55 percent less calories and 40 percent less cholesterol. It also contains 11 to 30 percent more protein and 10 percent more minerals than beef.

    Due to the relative proportions of its protein, fat minerals and fatty acids to its calorie value, carabeef is considered nutrient dense or concentrated.”image-of-carabao-meat-150x150

    Read more here

Simply Delicious

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Ever tried water buffalo meat?

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We love music at Coco Loco.
From Jazz to electro swing.
From classic rock to lifting reggae.
From RnB to KPop
In fact we love music so much that we play it softly in the background nearly all the time.
And sometimes we have impromptu acoustic performances.

About Us

A sustainable, pro-poor, responsible, for profit, social business. That’s what we want to spin off from our people’s organisation TAFIAS (Talisay Fishermen’s Association). It’s simple really.